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                    IJMC - Count Your Blessings

Ok, so perhaps it's not the holiday season. I'm sure there's some holiday 
going on somewhere which can make this a holiday season. Either way, this 
is what has come up to send out so out it goes. I think the message is 
still valid. Have a good day, I'll be emailing you again soon.      -dave

I am trying to remember to count my blessings every day.

I was sitting in bed one morning this week and remembered that feeling I
have had right after I realize I have done something wrong/stupid and
that I am in big trouble.  The feeling is always about trying to
remember what it felt like before I did whatever I wasn't supposed to

That has always been the easiest time to recall and remember the
blessings I have had.  Particularly if I have just done something which
is likely to cause me the loss of some of them.

Sitting in bed that morning and remembering that cold feeling I get in
the pit of my stomach when I am in trouble I was able to take a look at
all of the things that are right with my imperfect life and revel in
them for a moment.  I've got my share of health, happiness and

I've also got the power to make all of those things go away through
carelessness, inattentiveness, selfishness and a bunch of other nesses.

But this is the time of year to realize that I've got the power to
choose to be careful, attentive, generous, thoughtful.  This is the time
of year to remember that when I live out of my best self my life tends
to get better and better.

My take on one aspect of Buddhism is that to live is to invite pain.
Pain is ineveitable.  Suffering is not.

At this time of year when we celebrate our imperfect holidays I hope
that everyone will be able to look into themselves and find something
they consider to be a blessing upon their own lives.

Happy Holidays,
Eric Kaminetzky

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