IJMC Grandfather's Sayings

                   IJMC - Grandfather's Sayings

Sometimes you just have to go and do something that you really want to. 
And sometimes, doing that something reminds you that so many things you 
do, just don't do all that much for you. Today I went and played in the 
park, you know, frisbee and kickball and stuff. On my way home 
afterwards, I thought about all the things I do for fun, movies and tv 
and stuff like that. Almost the entire time I was playing in the park I 
had this big grin on my face. I don't get that from movies or tv much. So 
waht's the moral? Find what you really enjoy and do more of that when you 
want to have fun or enjoy yourself. Don't just do what is considered fun 
for everyone. Do what you really enjoy. I'm going to play more.     -dave

Top 10 Things Grandfathers Say

10.) "Here's a quarter.  Don't spend it all in one place."

 9.) "Back in my day...."

 8.) "Talk into my good ear."

 7.) "I'm no spring chicken ya know."

 6.) "Sure....have all the candy you want."

 5.) "Young whipper snapper!" (or "Young punks!")

 4.) "I used to talk 10 miles in the snow to school every day!"

 3.) "Grab the dog....he's got my dentures."

 2.) "Aah!!  Fiddlesticks!!!!"

And the number one thing that grandpa's say is:

 1.) "You mom and dad won't mind."

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