IJMC The Moon For Sale

                    IJMC - The Moon For Sale

Ok, so I almost borrowed the title from one of Heinlein's stories. I 
decided since one of the things I needed to do was mention a little 
copyright on that BATF thing last night...well, let's just say I thought 
I shouldn't borrow something else that I did know was copyrighted...


   This one's copyright.  It's from the Onion (www.theonion.com) about 2
   months ago.

There ya have it, straight from our good buddy and founder. I suspect 
whoever forwarded it to me didn't know themselves, but if you do know 
something's copyrighted...don't send it to me. Thanks!             -dave

In a recent Internet Chat, CNN Space Corespondant and Miles O'Brien was
asked, "Who owns the Moon?"

He replied, "The moon is actually owned by no one. There is actually a moon
treaty, which clearly states that no one nation can claim the moon as its
own. But there is a slight loophole. It mentions nothing about private
entities or individuals. So ... if you can get up there and plant a flag,
it's all yours."

I hear that Bill Gates already has set the wheels in motion...


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