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                   IJMC - Bud Light In the Loafers

In case you haven't heard, Budweiser has an advertisement showing two men 
holding hands with the message, "Be yourself and make it a Bud Light." I 
find it hard to understand why anyone is against a message of "Be 
yourself" but some people are protesting the message. Here's a quick 
chance for you to throw your vote in. The call is very quick, I've done 
it myself...it may not mean much, Budweiser may not even tally the votes, 
but well, I'd like to show some support. Just maybe, maybe we can get 
this ad in the mainstream and not in the targeted magazines it's 
currently residing in...but hey, be yourself. Do what ya wanna.     -dave

   Note from dave [previously from Heather]: I did this, it is true.

Please call 1-877-233-7725. This toll free call will register your vote of
approval for the new Budweiser ad campaign depicting two men holding
hands, and their support and sponsorship of the 1999 Gay Pride Festival. 
The Christian Coalition is calling their complaint number, so we need to
offset them.  Please pass this on to as many people as you can. 
I did call the number and it is for real. You do not need to speak to
anyone. When you call a recording will say "Thank you for calling Anheiser
Busch, by calling this number you have registered your support for our
newest ad campaign and support of our sponsorship for the 1999 Pride
Festival. Thank you for calling." 
Budweiser is doing a standard telephone poll...it is really important that
we support this and show that we having buying power to rival any religous
radical group in the world...send this to everyone you know who would be
willing to take 10 seconds out for a free phone call!!!! 

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