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Amazing how one espresso can change your whole outlook on things. Or at 
least soften it a lot. I think I'm going to have to start a new nightly 
ritual. One espresso or perhaps a good cappuccino before bed. Sounds like 
a nice, calming experience, one ready to bring in the evening and a good 
sleep. You know, from reading too many of these little blurbs, you might 
think I have nothing but sleep on the brain...a regular one track mind 
heading towards the sandman. You know, you might be right.          -dave

Get Rich Slow

The End Of Get Rich Quick = The Beginning Of Getting Rich

Tired of the relentless "Get Rich Quick" schemes that abound?

Have you fallen victim to pyramid scheme after pyramid scheme in a
fruitless attempt to realize your "American Dream" of becoming fabulously
wealthy without earning it? 

Have you found attempts to swindle money from the unsuspecting public has
left you high and dry? 

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions then you have
been barking up the wrong road all this time... 

The secret of gaining fortunes is not in getting it quick, but getting it,
period. That is why I have created a system of "Get Rich Slow" schemes
that are guaranteed to make you millionaires!!! 

Yes, that is right, If you don't become a millionaire before you die, I
will personally give you my entire net worth on the spot! That is how
confident I am that these techniques will work. Yes, my friend, the pot of
gold that you have been searching for is here, read on: 

The Basics

The most important concepts in the "Get Rich Slow" philosophy are the
three C's (Can, Coin, Couch), commonly referred to as the three
"treasures" of getting rich. Once you have memorized and mastered these
techniques you will never have to worry about money again. 

$ THE FIRST TREASURE - One Word: "Cans

Today's world severely underestimates the value of turning in aluminum
cans for cash. Some states will pay up to five cents per pound that you
can collect, which is about the average weight in Coke and Pepsi cans that
are used by a family of four in one month! Yes, that means every house on
your block is a potential nickel in your pocket, every month! The average
neighborhood may contain 90 homes, that is four dollars and fifty cents in
your pocket per month! The untapped power of the aluminum can dollar is
not yet even begun to be realized... but wait, you say that most families
put their recyclable materials in those red or green recycle bins to be
picked up every week... A true opportunist sees these little baskets as
the golden goose! Go out there and raid those bins! Stick it to the man
and take his trash, because that is money in your pocket! 

$ THE SECOND TREASURE - Don't spend those old coins, collect them!

Unknown to most people, the coins that you use every day may be twenty,
thirty, even forty years old or more. As these coins age, their value goes
up astronomically! A silver dollar from the turn of the century goes today
for nearly $1.02 on the collectors market, and one from 1870 can go has
high as $1.05!!!! Think what would happen if you began stockpiling your
twenty and thirty year old coins now... In less than one century you will
have all the cash you will ever need! That means no more fiddling with
junk savings bonds, no more fear of spending your final years in
poverty... You will be sitting pretty with your set of 1972 dimes, dimes
that will make you rich! Whoever said the seventies never created anything
worthwhile! They will make your fortune! 

$ THE THIRD TREASURE - The City of Gold

The third treasure in the pursuit to get rich slow is the hidden gold mine
that exists in everyone's house, yes the living room sofa. The average
sofa can collect up to 12 cents from a single man's pants... Some students
of the Get Rich Slow philosophy have reported collecting SEVENTY-TWO cents
in an average week, merely from rummaging the couch after every guest. Can
you believe those numbers??? This is no hoax, this system really works!
The highest record reported so far has been one dollar and thirteen cents
in a single night after a particularly successful party! With those
numbers how can you lose? 

$ SUCCESS IS YOURS -- Don't Hesitate, Act Now, Reap Later

Don't hesitate, go, go, go, and begin raking in your first pennies today
and by the end of the year you will be skilled enough to make nearly fifty
cents a day. With that earning power you will find yourself free to do all
the things you have dreamed of: Buying food, collecting matches, becoming
your own employee! 

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