IJMC God-daughters Say the Cutest Things

              IJMC - God-daughters Say the Cutest Things

Once again, proof that being polite and kind and whatnot will probably 
get you further than harsh words and confrontational stances. Read on, 
and enjoy, my work here is done. Well, for a few hours at least. Maybe by 
the time I send out what should be tonight's IJMC I'll have an idea of 
why my favorite server over at Netcom is sick...I can hope.         -dave

This one came in from my friend who is rector in <name withheld to protect
the guilty>...thought I'd pass it on to a select few...

This actually happened this past weekend to the Goddaughter of a
parishioner here at Holy Cross, <location withheld to protect the guilty>.

The Goddaughter of Courtney is staying with her and is an employee of
Southern Living Magazine.  It was decided that she and another friend were
going to go to Atlanta and meet some other friends there from Nashville.

On the way, while driving I-20, they were stopped by a Georgia State Highway
Patrolman.  As the officer approached the side of the car, Lacy (the god
daughter) rolled down the window and said," Why officer, I am just
overwhelmed that you chose me to be pulled over so that you could ask me to
the Policeman's Ball!!"  The officer replied, "I am sorry mam, but Georgia
State Highway Patrolmen don't have any balls."

Hearing the reply, the girls shreiked with laughter.  Upon realizing exactly
what he had said, the officer said not another word, closed his ticket book,
strolled back to his patrol car and drove off.

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