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Never meanin no harm. Been in trouble with der law since tha day they was
bawn. I dunno. Given HMOs nowadays in the States, I might just prefer a
couple of nails in the head instead of an office visit. Ok, 180. Listening
to a song, with the lyric, "James Brown has sex". Well, just last Friday I
am leaving work and I look out and there is James Brown coming out of his
dentist's office. Gotta love life. L8r.                              -dave

This makes Blue Cross/Blue Shield sound  good....geez

Some old folk remedies

Some old folk remedies may seem pretty wacky to us, but they're just a
manifestation of the ages-old inclination by man to put order onto a
chaotic universe. What else were you going to do before the discovery of
penicillin? None of it explains the propensity for the belief that corpses
could effect cures.

- Binding the temples with a rope with which a man has been hanged
relieves a headache

- Urinating in an open grave cures incontinence

- Passing a child three times under the belly of a donkey cures whooping

- Wrap a child suffering from mumps in a blanket, take it to a pig sty,
rub the child's head against the pig's back and the mumps will pass from
the child to the pig

- Touching a corpse's hand cures a sore throat

- Washing in a corpse's washing water cures epileptic fits.

- Stick an elder twig in your ear and wear it night and day to cure

- Carry a child through a flock of sheep to cure respiratory problems

- Carry a dead shrew in your pocket to ward off rheumatism

- Reading the Eighth Psalm three times, three days in the week for three
weeks over the heads of children will cure mouth ulcers

- Driving three nails into your skull eases a headache

- To cure fever, place the patient on a sandy shore when the tide is
coming in. The waves will carry away the disease.

- The eye of a frog suspended from the neck cures opthalmia

- Cut off the head of an eel and rub its blood on your skin to cure warts

- A cork under your pillow at night cures cramp

- Rubbing the grease of church bells into your body cures shingles

- Tying a hairy caterpillar in a bag around a child's neck cures

- Throwing a dung beetle over your shoulder cures stomach ache

- After a cow has been slaughtered and while its body is still steaming,
shove your head into the carcase, draw the folds of flesh around your neck
and inhale. Apparently, this is a sure-fire cure for tuberculosis.

I'll bet the headache cure really worked fast.....snik

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