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Today's post is taken straight from Yahoo news. Anyone want to take a trip
to Thailand to see if these claims are true? Given current airfare prices
and the cost of labor in Thailand, I suspect you would actually come out
ahead versus paying a plastic surgeon in the United States...well, if
anyone does give this a try, do remember to let me know how it goes! -dave

Khemmika na Songkhla, 34-year-old Thai breast therapist, gives a client
a breast massage to enlarge her bust as a traditional alternative to
using chemicals or silicone at her Bangkok clinic. Khemmika, taught of
the methods by her late grandmother, has been providing breast
enlargement massaging service for desperate women for 14 years. Khemmika
is seen in this photo taken June 5, 2001. (Sukree Sukplang/Reuters)

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