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                IJMC - Do I Have to be a Reporter First

I wonder if there are any pre-qualifications for running an international
email list? I guess starting with a single email is a good place to
begin. Then work your way up to a distribution list in your email
client. Follow that with a little merger or acquisition to increase your
reader base. The rest should be history...you know how that goes...you
ride off into the sunset and email happily ever after!              -dave

[Intro by Flip]

Recently saw this thread posted on medialine.com (a resource for TV news folk).  The core post is obviously fake- poking fun at that one person everyone in the biz has invariably run into as she interned in a newsroom- but it seems the fake posts sometimes get the most replies- even if most of those are also fake!

I love the bit about the shuttle (posted by one of my co-workers).

[Begin the thread]


Hey everybody 

I need some advice. 

I want to be a TV newscaster or anchorwoman.
But somebody told me I might have to be a reporter first. That sounds like a bummer. 

I guess if I HAD TO, I could be a reporter for a little while, like in one of the smaller markets, like Pittsburgh or St. Louis, before I go to a network, but I'd rather not do that. 

Any advice?
Is that true?

That's real cute.

No you do not have to report silly,that's so stupid..not even for a little while. But if you must, I suggest getting your feet wet in LA or NYC first, the networks are there, it would be an easier move.

Sound to me as if you're well on your way and perfect for this biz. 
a news person:

You should try acting first and then go into news because news is all about acting . Then when you become a famous news anchor you can go back into acting. Actors make the best news anchors because of all the skills they bring to the job . If people want the real news they can read the newspaper if they want entertainment they watch us.
You can do it!:

Not only can you anchor with no reorting experience, but you can go straight from college to the #1 market. Did anyone see the film "Godzilla" with Matthew Broderick? A chick in that movie did it, and so can you! 

Not only that, but "Godzilla" also proves that, as a photographer, you can shoot in dark places with no light whatsoever!! 

I really think the way to go is through the beauty circuit. Most pageant winners go far in this business. I should know. I work with one. She's never reported a day in her life and she's one of our main anchors. or if that doesn't work, try sleeping your way to the top. 
Reporter Girl:

You know, if you make a tape of yourself in your living room and send it to Chicago, New York, and LA, someone will pick you up. That's how all the big anchors started. Katie Couric started that way, but at CNN. 
Good luck!!

YEA but the above will only get you a national CABLE deal, go network!!

Hey TV Gal... 

I say, go for it! You know, for years I dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but I was afraid that those wet blankets over at NASA would ask me to actually waste time learning how to fly smaller aircraft. After all, those fancy space shuttles pretty much fly themselves. It's not like there aren't a bunch of rocket scientists there to back you up when you get into trouble. Have you ever seen mission control? There are rows and rows of really smart people wearing headsets, who can talk you down when you get into trouble.
Unfortunately, they said something about my vision being too bad, so until I get my Lasik surgery I'll just have to continue paying the bills by consulting television stations. 

No better way to get to the top than to start out there, I always say!
Reformed Newsperson:

Hey, it worked for Maria Shriver. She did her time in the small market of Baltimore. Hey, I'm with everyone else TV Gal,"I'm not a journalist, but I play one at 6 PM."

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