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July 2001
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Just when you think you have heard them all, Monty Python rears his head
and strikes back. This may not actually have anything to do with Monty
Python, but I find the similarity too striking not to mention. I believe a
good chorus of "run away" is in order. Separate from that, I have included
a URL I hope everyone will take ten minutes to go visit. An amateur's
theories and suggestions regarding traffic. Given that I drive as he
describes, I have personal reasons for wanting everyone to visit the
site. Hopefully, if enough people try to make a difference, we will
actually make a difference.                                          -dave

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July 11, 2001 | ANKARA, Turkey (AP) --

Ethem Sahin thought his friends were kidding when they told him how he ended
up in the hospital.

But they witnessed the cow fall through the roof of the coffee house where
they were playing dominoes and knock Sahin unconscious.

"My friends told me later what happened. I couldn't believe it," Sahin told
the Anatolia news agency.

Sahin's wife, Rahime, was equally incredulous.

"They told me that a cow fell on top of my husband," she said. "I thought
they were kidding me. May God protect us from a worse accident."

Sahin was treated in the hospital for a broken leg and needed seven stitches
to his forehead after the freak accident Tuesday in the central Anatolian
city of Nevsehir. 

The cow apparently wandered from the hillside where it was grazing onto the
roof of the coffee house, which was built into the side of the hill.

The cow was not seriously injured.

(Associated Press)


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