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                   IJMC - You Can't Handle The Truth

Sometimes, titles just come from where they come. Sometimes, posts
duplicate themselves. Harsh reminder of how much I need to update the
archival system. Kinda about two years behind on that. Too many
hackers. Sigh. However, the uplook is good...I am currently working harder
on learning Linux and Perl than ever before. Hopefully, I will know enough
very soon so I can update everything automatically. Until then, just deal
with the occasional transgression.                                   -dave

Hi Folks,

I wrote this to submit to the NPR program "Says You!" and thought you
might have fun with it.

Each of the sentences below is an example of a specific grammatical or
linguistic term.  Figure out which!  Answers below.

1) The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

2) The counselors of the Sultan continue to remain skeptical.

3) The eyes, they see!

4) Saulkin's are easily the most difficult questions:

5) Kings Play Chess On Fine Green Sand

6) This sentence is false:

7)  Sentences with similes should vanish like wrinkles on an ironed

1 Answer: Pangram (a sentence using each letter of the alphabet)

2 Answer: Tautology:  a sentences  in which the previous phrase is
dependent on the later phrase to which it refers. "Continue to" is
directly implied by "remain"

3 Answer: Anagram:  Two clauses of a sentence use the same letters

4 Answer: Oxymoron a self contradicting sentence "easily the most

5 Ans: A mnemonic Acronym for Order of taxonomy in biology:
                                    (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order,
Family, Genus, Species)

6) Paradox:  In which the sentence is simultaneously both true and false

7) Ans: Vicious Circularity:  a self referential contradiction (this is
actually NOT a paradox)

[Content attributed to Robert Drake]

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