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August 2001
                      IJMC - Snap Dem Bubbles

Today has been such a Monday. Left for work intending to run two short
errands between the house and the office. Finished the second errand and
remembered something I forgot at home. Returned home. Got thing. Went to
work. Arrived at desk, realized I took my laptop home on Friday. Oops. 
Returned home. Got laptop. Went to work. Arrived at desk, plugged in
laptop. Found out monitor power switch broke. Called help desk. Waited
twenty minutes on hold, was told a technician would come by within the
next two days. Moved monitor off of laptop stand, opened laptop, used
laptop screen in docking station. Day progresses. Technician arrives,
carts away monitor, says to expect monitor back in two days. Time
passes. Second technician arrives to fix monitor. Apologizes. Time
passes. Third technician arrives to fix monitor. Apologizes. Day
progresses...definately a Monday.                                  -dave

Why is it that the majority of us just *love* bursting the bubbles in
bubblewrap packaging? Now, thanks to this site, you can snap 'em online.

Click Here

(Somehow it doesn't seem as much fun, but at least there's an unlimited
amount of the stuff! Will keep you amused for a few minutes...)

Above all else:  Sky.

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