IJMC Shall We Elect A President?

                 IJMC - Shall We Elect A President?

Where are our leaders? Where are the men and women whom we know, whom we 
feel deep down should be running our nations and countries? Where are 
they? And who are these puppets, these actors, these media generated 
entities who are paraded around as either current "leaders" or potential 
"candidates"? Where is the leader who shows us through their actions, 
their dedication, their love and devotion that they are the one, the one 
who can bring us together and take us forward. They are not the people we 
are being shown as "leaders" or "candidates", those people are all simply 
telling us what we want to hear, not showing us, not doing it. I want a 
leader.                                                             -dave

	In the long history of the IJMC, I have never tried to take
advantage of it.  However, I would be endlessly obliged if you would
considering mentioning the following URL in an upcoming post:


	It's my campaign website for U.S. President.  Yes, it's a joke.
But I think it's a very funny joke.  It's still only a week old, so
there's much more to come, but I hope to make it a premier parody web site
by the time the campaign really cranks up.
	And if you do tell the list about this, mention that I'm looking
for suggestions (or volunteers) for a running mate.  :)
  Matthew W. Grieco

  "And if I always seem distracted, 
   like my mind is somewhere else,
   that's because it's true."

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