IJMC Humor Sites for Hurricane Floyd Relief

             IJMC - Humor Sites for Hurricane Floyd Relief

A large number of humor sites and email lists such as this one are banding 
together to try and help the victims of Hurricane Floyd here in America. 
There have been many natural disasters in the past month however this one 
hit my country, not far from my home even. So if you are willing or able 
to help please check out this website:

   <A HREF="http://www.funnymail.com/floydrelief.html">Click Here</A>

Aaron Zelins of FunnyMail has put a lot of effort into this page and the 
subsequent promotion. The page is associated with the American Red Cross 
and should give you ample opportunity to help any way you can. 

Speaking of the Red Cross, there is something else you can do to help, 
especially if you are unable to donate money. With any disaster, as with 
this one, blood supplies are running low. I spent a couple of my hours 
yesterday donating blood platelets with a friend. Check the site, call up 
your blood bank or local Red Cross, or talk with me and see if there is 
somewhere you can donate either whole blood or platelets. With each 
donation you can directly prolong or save a life, which to me, is far 
more important that money! Both can help, so do what you can and what 
makes you feel good.

Thanks for listening and, I hope, for caring.                       -dave

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