IJMC The Shower's Deluge of Luck

               IJMC - The Shower's Deluge of Luck

Ahh, it is definately a Monday. I spend half the afternoon with an
absolutely beautiful woman...who is so completely taken it is not even
funny.  Congradulations Ryan, btw, and welcome to the IJMC...so, that
alone would not make it a Monday. However, the Seti@Home server is having
trouble and I do not know of anything else that pushes my hardware that
well...so I have to put off trying to break/diagnose the computer problems
that were plaguing me a few weeks ago...life goes on, and lasagna will be
consumed in mass quantities. What was that I knew about going to the
grocery store while hungry? Oh well, maybe I will remember after I go... 
and then again, maybe not.                                           -dave

When you think you've had a bad day, remember this one........ I was
taking a shower when my 2-year-old son came into the bathroom and wrapped
himself in toilet paper. Although he made a mess, he looked adorable, so I
ran for my camera and took a few shots. They came out so well that I had
copies made and included one with each of our Christmas cards. 

Days later, a relative called about the picture, laughing hysterically and
suggesting I take a closer look. Puzzled, I stared at the photo and was
shocked to discover that in addition to my son, I had captured my
reflection in the mirror-wearing nothing but a camera! 

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