IJMC For Auld Lang Syne

                    IJMC - For Auld Lang Syne

After months of trying to find something to do for this year's new year, 
I have finally figured out what I want to do. Now, all that remains is to 
make it happen. Fortunately, I believe that whatever you truly want to 
have happen, happens. I am not there yet, but when I decide to make 
happen what I want to happen, it will be. Believe or not, I shall. Make 
sense or not, I shall see...just read the next blurb, all will be 
revealed in time.                                                   -dave

Credit for this Joke... Or Blame if you prefer,

Goes to the Hon. Ted Baggett, Ga.

[Actually credit is due to a philosophy major that
became a juggler in the Georgia Renaissance festival.
Name unknown.]

So, Rene Descarte, having just made his fabulous discovery and receiving
his first Royalty check
for Meditations on First Philosophy decides to take himself down to his
local and celebrate.

As he walks in, the Bar tender says "Hey!  Haven't seen you in a while!
You're Usual?
Pint o' Bitters?"

Descarte looks at him and says "I Think Not!"

And promptly disappears!

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