IJMC An Odd Day

                         IJMC - An Odd Day

Ok, so this one really flew around the internet today and I am probably 
the fifth person to send this to you. I decided to bend my normal rules 
and send it out anyway. Too neat, even if I did already have a reason to 
celebrate...my sister's birthday is tomorrow and we began the celebration 
today. And a skip-to-the-lou-my-darlin...                           -dave

Here is an interesting fact:

Today is an odd day, meaning that all of the digits are odd. 11-19-1999.

The next odd day after 11-19-1999 will be 1-1-3111 (well over a thousand
years away), which we will never see. 

Days such as 4-13-89 have both even and odd digits, thus, it is neither
odd nor even. 

The next even day will be 2-2-2000 (the first one since 8-28-0888). Now
you have a reason to celebrate today as it will be your last odd day on

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