IJMC Reminds Me of a T-Shirt

                   IJMC - Reminds Me of a T-Shirt

Argh. I am becoming fed up with the inadequacies of both Windows and 
Linux. Between the three of them (Linux, NT, 98), I am not sure there is 
a whole, good, operating system. Each one has so many little miserly 
caveats involved in making them work. Anyone wanna send me a copy of BeOS 
so I can rant a little about it? :)                                 -dave

Study Revealed

The National Transportation Safety Board recently divulged it had covertly
funded a project with the U.S. auto maker for the past five years, whereby
the auto makers were installing black boxes in four-wheel drive pick-up
trucks in an effort to determine, in fatal accidents, the circumstances in
the last 15 seconds before the crash. 

They were surprised to find in 49 of the 50 states the last words of
drivers in 61.2 percent of fatal crashes were, "Oh, Shit!" 

Only the state of Georgia was different, where 89.3 percent of the final
words were: "Hold my beer and watch this!" 

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