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Most of you know how often I warn you about posts. This one is painful, 
but it might also make you spew hot liquids through your nose. So put 
down the cup of coffee, sit down in the chair, and enjoy. Ow.     -dave

A story from a Aussie in Ireland......   

When I was studying in Ireland, I took up rugby. As my first season wore
on, the lads and I were eventually scheduled to play a team which had a
reputation for violent play, Considering that we weren't the most talented
outfit to have ever taken the field we decided to accept the challenge
with a "do or die" attitude, hoping things would eventually swing our way,
They didn't and to make matters worse our star player dislocated his hip
after a particularly ferocious tackle, He was clearly in a lot of pain, so
we all stood back to which the medic who, in one swift movement, managed
to slot the hip back into its socket, Then Alan began a long blood
curdling scream, To our horror, we realised that one of his testicles had
also been jammed into the socket and was now firmly held in the place by
the hip,

Incidentally, Alan managed to rip a vocal chord with his screaming.

Robert Muir

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