IJMC Always Give 100%

                     IJMC - Always Give 100%

I'm scaring myself. When I finished Chemistry II in college last year, I 
couldn't wait to give away my textbooks and I don't usually dispose of my 
used textbooks. Tonight, I walked over to my bookshelf, looking for a 
Chemistry text. Of course, there wasn't one there, since I'd given them 
away. Yet, I went and looked, having completely forgotten I no longer had 
one. Some days, are better than others. Goodnight.                  -dave

P.S. Why is it every time I hand pick a post, I pick yours, Betsy? <grin>

 Always give 100% at work.......
  12% on Monday
  23% on Tuesday
  40% on Wednesday
  20% on Thursday
  5% on  Fridays
 And remember.......

 When you're having a really bad day and
 it seems like people are trying
 to piss you off, remember it takes 42
 muscles to frown and only 4 to extend
 your finger and flip them off.

 Now get back to work.

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