IJMC The Tax Man Cometh

                     IJMC - The Tax Man Cometh

Given my day today, and that I'm generally in computer support, this post 
is so appropriate. Some poor idiots buy computers. Here in the United 
States, we require a driver's license to get behind the wheel of a car 
and turn it on. I wonder if we could require a similar license for 
operating a computer...of course, if the government did the testing, then 
it wouldn't help much...                                            -dave

Top Ten Reasons Why Stupid People Who Call
Tech Support are like Newborn Babies

10. Everything you give them has to be spoon-fed.
 9. All they do is whine and cry.
 8. You wish they would hurry and grow up.
 7. They don't understand a word you say to them.
 6. You don't understand a word they say to you.
 5. They're totally helpless and dependent on the care of an adult.
 4. They pretend not to understand the word "no."
 3. When they start to get loud, your first impulse is to reach for the
 2. If they're not watched carefully, they can get themselves in 
 1. They need someone to clean up their crap.

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