IJMC Susan B. Anthony Month! [Take 2...]

               IJMC - Susan B. Anthony Month! [Take 2...]

Ladies and Gentlemen of this fine mailing list, I have a sad story to
pass along to you. This story includes intrique, suspense, action,
conflict, tragedy, and finally resolution. Talk about your epic tales!
You'd think a story of this magnitude would star big names like Mel Gibson
and Kylie Minogue, would be scripted by Frank Darabont, and would have a
budget reaching into the realm of Congress' parking tickets! I'm afraid
not, this soon to be classic proves instead to be a true story (Hollywood
beware!), the only players involve a good friend, a poor unknowing clerk,
and some manager who is typically to be found only offstage! We're
talking a budget that might buy you lunch and there weren't even any
scripts! Barebones, real-life drama for you tonight! I'm not even sure if
the world is ready for this, but leave it to us to bring it to you!  -dave


First a little History:
A couple of weeks ago I went to the post office on the way home from
work to get stamps and naturally they were closed. The only thing I had
in my wallet was a single twenty dollar bill so I stuck it in the stamp
vending machine. I picked the 6 dollar and change book of stamps and hit
the change button. The machine popped out 13 shiny Susan B Anthony, one
dollar coins. Thinking nothing of it, I dropped them in my car's ashtray
and headed for home.

This week I went to Burger King for lunch and pulled out the Susan B.'s
The total on my order was $4.23. I handed the woman at the register four
Susan B.'s and a quarter. This deer caught in the headlights look came
over her face.  She looked at them, then looked at me, then looked at
them again. After a long pause, she asked, "How much are these worth?"
Trying very hard not to sound condescending, I said, "a buck".  Then she
did the stereotypical 'look over the shoulder praying to make eye
contact with a manager' motion that has become commonplace in the fast
food industry. There wasn't a manager around and the line was backing
up, so she dropped the Susan B.'s in the drawer on top of the one dollar
bills and handed me my two cents.


My friends, ignorance is curable. That is why I would like to make May
1999 "Susan B. Anthony Month!" To help us celebrate, during the month of
May, simply pick up a role of Susan B. Anthony one dollar coins and
distribute them as currency. The goal is to put as many Susan B.'s in
circulation as possible in order to promote education of the coin's
existence. Susan B.'s also have a beneficial byproduct; their novelty
seems to have a wonderful way of inducing friendly conversation. In this
day and age, friendly face to face communication between strangers is a
novelty in itself so any way to promote friendly conversation is worth
much more than a one dollar coin.

A role of Susan B. Anthony one dollar coins can be picked up at any bank.
It might be a good idea to ask for the role before May; some banks
usually don't have a role of Susan B.'s at the counter; but it has been
my experience that the tellers are happy to get a role if requested.  If
a bank is not convenient (or fifty bucks is more cash than is readily
available), go by any post office with an automatic vending machine, put
some cash in, and hit the change button. At that point, go spend your
Susan B.'s on whatever you were going to buy with paper currency. When
has supporting such a worthy cause required so little effort and no

Susan B. Anthony was a great promoter of education among other things.
"Susan B. Anthony Month" is a wonderful way to show our support in the
fight against domestic ignorance.

Please send all questions and comments to susanb@tjsgroup.com

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