IJMC Uhm, Right. Physics Lesson.

                IJMC - Uhm, Right. Physics Lesson.

They say you learn something every day. I'm just not sure what you'll 
learn from this...not that it matters much, this is a junk list, not a 
tutorial or anything...nothing quite so lofty in intention or motive. 
Motive, hey, they never proved that. And the rest of their case was all 
circumstantial, not my fault no one would testify...              -dave

>> I know that the real planes fly because of its curved wings.
>> However, paper airplanes don't have such curved wings.
>> How can it fly? Where does the lifting force come from?

| Well, speaking as someone who sprained his back lifting shuttle
| documentation -- everybody knows an airplane flies when the weight
| of its documentation equals or exceeds the weight of the airplane.

| Therefore a paper airplane flies because it's self-documenting.

The Galileo probe, however, was the first spacecraft to be outweighed
by its own *environmental impact report*, according to the people I
talked to at JPL this winter.  (The EIR was ~ 1 million pages; it made
me wonder if they'd chopped down enough trees to require a meta-EIR.)

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