IJMC A Chauvinist's Response

                    IJMC - A Chauvinist's Response

Time magazine (or at least the online version) is polling for the person 
of the century. Welcome to the internet. Ric Flair (an entertainment 
wrestler) is number two, just ahead of Adolph Hitler. Not to mention Kurt 
Cobain and Sarah McLachlan...I must say, I am glad my vote for Winston 
Churchill was not the sole vote, Mr. Churchill is currently at number 
fourteen. I suspect Time will disregard the internet's say in this poll 
just as People magazine has in the past...Hank the angry drunken dwarf 
ring any bells? :)                                                  -dave

The best reason for divorce a the woman's safety...if you don't divorce her
real soon, some real harm is bound to befall her.

You can always trust a woman to believe she's boss of the house. She claims
credit for the man's income, discounts any effort he made to earn his
wages, confiscates any bonus he might receive (then blames him when it's
gone),  compares him to others performing at a "higher level" all while
spouting platitudes of the great philosophers of their time: Oprahus
Oreleas, Montelitum, Sallyus Jessitica, and Donny & Marie (that was a

Women know all the words in all the languages in all the countries of the
world. But to every man everywhere...it all sounds like just one word: 
blah blah blah.

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