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                        IJMC - Talk About Easy Money

I'm cruel. Evil, mean, and cruel. Sending out something like this just in 
time for Monday. Just as you start your week, you get to read about 
others who (at least could have...) have it made. Barry, if you're 
reading this...here's to you.                                       -dave

	Barry Lyn Stoller, 38, of Kent, Wash., wrote the makers of Ex-Lax,
claiming the product didn't work and demanding reimbursement of the $1.99
he paid. The New Jersey-based Sandoz Corp. Immediately issued a refund but
mistook the amount, using Stoller's zip code. After the error was
discovered, King County authorities found Stoller had deposited the check
for $98,002, withdrawn the money eight dayslater, closed his account, and
left the area without a trace.


	In Brazil, Maria Benoiza Nascimento, 39, an unemployed mother of
seven who lived in a one-room shack, burned her winning $60.000 lottery
ticket. She explained that her Assembly of God minister told her she would
go to hell if she took the devil's money.


	Warren E. Smith filed a $3 million lawsuit against Roanoke, Va.,
palm reader Lola Rose Miller, charging that she sold him losing lottery
numbers. He said she persuaded him to give her $75,724, which was almost
all of his money, including his retirement fund, for the numbers to win a
$3 million lottery jackpot. Smith said Miller, also known as Miss Stella,
told him that he didn't win because someone in his family had put a curse
on him. 

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