IJMC We Have a Choice?

                    IJMC - We Have a Choice?

You know the world's in trouble...one of my roommates just created a damn 
good hot wing recipe. It's a modified version of an old tried and true 
sauce that ends up tasting real good on wings. Why's that leave the world 
in trouble? Well, I won't say out loud, but if you've ever had too many 
good wings in one night...you know why. Tomorrow will hurt.         -dave

We Have A Choice?

A bunch of preachers are having a meeting in the rectory of a Catholic
priest. Just as they're silently tuning up for some heavy orations,
the priest offers all of them a whiskey to ease tensions and get the
smell of religious napalm out of the air.

"Don't mind if I do, thanks," says the Methodist vicar, who slugs down
three fingers of Wild Turkey.

"And you?" asks the priest of the born-again minister. "What?" the
born-again shouts indignantly. "Drink alcohol? Why, I'd rather debauch
in a whorehouse!"

At this the Methodist spits his whisky back into the glass and
hollers, "Whoa! You mean we get a choice?"

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