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"It's a bit tasteless, but hey, who wants to be PC now-a-days?"
Molly Jo

I couldn't agree with her more...I've seen this one make the rounds, but 
it's been a while so I'm sending it anyway. Besides, it's been a long 
night reinstalling Windoze NT from scratch (don't install the service 
pack and then reinstall the original system...it don't like it. Crashes 
hard and you start over. Ugh.). But I'm almost done, and I'm still 
checking email and sending IJMC's from NT. Whew. G'night.          -dave

 There was once this jewish boy who was horrible in math.  His first
 quarter he brought home an "F" and needless to say his parents were not
 very happy.  They told him that he had better try harder or they will
 have to send him to the Catholic school down the street.  So he worked
 very hard the next quarter but just didn't understand anything and brouht
 home another "F".  His parents were very upset and decided that enough
 was enough and sent him to the catholic school down the street.  After
 the next report card came home, his parents noticed that he had achieved
 an "A" in Math.  Being very suprised at this miraculous turn around, they
 asked their son how he did this.  To this their son replied:

 "Once I saw that man hanging on the plus sign I knew that they
 were serious about math." 

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