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                   IJMC - LoJack, Meet HoBak

Ok, so I decided to send out one more post real quick before passing out. 
It even sorta fits the theme of the evening...one more double post and 
we're back on the one-a-day schedule...and the 365 posts-a-year will be 
back in stride.                                                     -dave


What do you think of when you hear the word, "bar?"  If you had asked
several guys in the Los Angeles area recently, they would have said,
"Cheating girlfriends."  It turns out over half a million cheating
girlfriends each year hang around in bars all across the country.

Recently, after three unreturned pages, Irving Schmeltfield suspected his
girlfriend was cheating so he activated the HoBak(TM).  Hobak is the only
Cheating Girlfriend Recovery Network operated by the police.  In a few
short hours, police tracked Irving's girlfriend to a bar on the west side.
She was found sitting swilling cheap gin at a table with two guys and
another cheating girlfriend.  Further investigation of the bar turned up 17
crusty ho's all thanks to Hobak. 

You might think that your girlfriend isn't the type to cheat.  Maybe she's
homely and you think she should be thankful to have you.  You couldn't more
wrong!  Ugly girls are over twice as likely to cheat as more attractive
women in an attempt to boost their egos.  All types of girlfriends cheat
and that's why you need HoBak.  

Maybe you've tried other techniques.  Chastity belts, private
investigators.  The simple fact of the matter is that women are crafty!  If
they want to cheat, they will.  That's where HoBak comes in.  There are
over 12 places on your girlfriend where you can hide the HoBak.  That's the
one thing that scares girlfriends!  They never know whether they are
equipped with the HoBak or not!

Girlfriends equipped with the Hobak are over FOUR TIMES as likely to be
recovered as unprotected girlfriends.  Don't delay!  For more information
about HoBak, write HoBak@yoak.com  Get yours today and pass this along to
all your friends!

Jeff Yoak  jeff@yoak.com  http://yoak.com/
I lost my phone number.  Can I have yours?

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