IJMC Gay Bar

                            IJMC - Gay Bar

Have a great week everyone...two weeks left and classes are over for this 
quarter...then, a brief week or so off...and the next round begins. Kind 
of a vicious circle, but then, I asked for it. And, even worse, I enjoy 
it...sadistic, eh?                                                  -dave

Gay Bar

This man walks into a bar and as he looks around, he notices that it's a
gay bar. Well, he really wants a drink, so he sits down at the bar and
flags down the bartender.  As he orders the drink the bartender asks,
"First, tell me the name of your penis." The man shook his head, "Listen,
I'm not into all this, just give me the damn drink." The bartender shook
his head, 'Not until you tell me the name of your penis." With a resigned
sigh, the man said, "Fine, first tell me the name of your penis?" The
bartender replied, "Nike, you know, JUST DO IT!"  The man nodded and
thought for a moment, and said, "Mine's name is secret." The bartender
said, "Secret?" The man replied, "Yah, you know, strong enough for a man,
but made for a woman."

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