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                    IJMC - Censors Of The Internet

In the name of protecting your children, Internet censoring software also 
censors many thought provoking sites as well as the smut. Which simply 
goes to show that there is nothing like personal involvement in keeping 
your child from doing what you don't want them to do. As Dr. Laura says 
again and again and again, your children are your first priority. You 
become your own second priority when you have kids. Remember that.  -dave

   They censor their critics.  They censor the National Organization for
Women, MIT Student Association for Freedom of Expression, Nizkor (a
Holocaust remembrance page), and more!  The programs designed to make
the net a more pristine and innocent place go well beyond their scope. 
They cut off the whole left side of the net.  CYBERsitter, Cyber Patrol,
and Net Nanny go beyond reason in censoring sites.  See 


to find out more about how these programs intend to shelter us and our
children from useful and informative information.

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