IJMC Incest Is Best?

                        IJMC - Incest Is Best?

Kinda scarey, this family could have their reunion at a local Denny's... 
and they'd only need one table! Ok, a bit of administrivia real quick. 
The server is running like a champ so far, last night's post went quite 
well, faster than Netcom even. So, now I've processed a whole lot of 
broken email addresses. What this means, is, if you've got a friend or 
family member who got yesterday's IJMC, but doesn't get this one or any 
more...drop me a line and we'll get them back on. However, I'm trying 
some new programs to work with the bounced messages, and make my life 
easier. In theory at least...now that I've rambled enough, I'm outta 
here. My new job starts tomorrow, and I need some sleep!           -dave

 Redneck Family Tree

        Many many years ago
        when I was twenty three,
        I got married to a widow
        who was pretty as could be.

        This widow had a grown-up daughter
        Who had hair of red.
        My father fell in love with her,
        And soon the two were wed.

        This made my dad my son-in-law
        And changed my very life.
        My daughter was my mother,
        For she was my father's wife.

        To complicate the matters worse,
        Although it brought me joy,
        I soon became the father
        Of a bouncing baby boy.

        My little baby then became
        A brother-in-law to dad.
        And so became my uncle,
        Though it made me very sad.

        For if he was my uncle,
        Then that also made him brother
        To the widow's grown-up daughter
        Who, of course, was my step-mother.

        Father's wife then had a son,
        Who kept them on the run.
        And he became my grandson,
        For he was my daughter's son.

        My wife is now my mother's mother
        And it makes me blue.
        Because, although she is my wife,
        She's my grandmother too.

        If my wife is my grandmother,
        Then I am her grandchild.
        And every time I think of it,
        It simply drives me wild.

        For now I have become
        The strangest case you ever saw.
        As the husband of my grandmother,
        I am my own grandpa!

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