IJMC Talk About Your Payback...

                   IJMC - Talk About Your Payback...

Here's a little story that should remind you to be careful what you ask 
for...you might just get what you want.                           -dave

P.S. If anyone finds this offensive, it was submitted by a Colonel in the 
Israeli Air Force...

The headmistress at a girls' prep school in the old South (circa 1950)
calls down to the army base and speaks with one of the officers:

 "We're having a social here at school and I was wondering if you could
send some of your nice young men to attend." 

 "Certainly, ma'am," the Lieutenant answers.  

 "Just one thing," says the lady. "Of course you'll make sure there 
aren't any Jews there."

 "I understand, ma'am," the Lieutenant answers. 

 On the day of the dance, a bus pulls up from the base.  Out comes a 
platoon of black GIs.  The schoolmistress is quite distressed.   

 "Why, why, there must be some mistake," she stammers to a burly black 
Master Sergeant. 

 "Oh, no, ma'am," he replies.  "Lt Goldberg never makes mistakes!"

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