IJMC Saint Peter Strikes Again

                    IJMC - Saint Peter Strikes Again

It's interesting how many posts pass through this server that use Saint 
Peter as an aspect of the joke. I don't know that it says anything, it's 
just interesting. Wish me luck tomorrow...two interviews. Whew.    -dave

Four men walk up to the pearly gates to see St. Peter.
One asks, "So, do we tell you all our sins now?"

And St. Peter says, "No. We used to do it that way, but
since the population explosion we just don't have the
time. Now we just ask you what you did for a living and
make the decision based on that. Once in a while we
make a mistake this way, but for the most part we've
found it works pretty well."

So the first guy comes up and says, "I was a
pediatrician in a free clinic for the poor."

And St. Peter says, "Come on in."

The second guy says, "I was a hit man for the Mafia."

St. Peter shakes his head. "You'll have to go away."

The third guy says, "I was a programmer for Microsoft."

"I had one of you guys just the other day," St. Peter
says. "You get to be a beta tester for Heaven 2.0. For
the most part it's an improvement, but occasionally it
drops you into Hell by mistake, and you have to wait a
few centuries for it to reboot. We want you to document
this feature for us."

And the fourth guy says, "I was the president of an

"All these new professions," St. Peter mutters. "I'm
going to have to look this one up." He reaches down and
pulls up this enormous three-ring binder. He pages
through it for a considerable length of time, and then
says, "Ah, here it is. You can come on in."

"That's great!" the man says.

"But only for 72 hours. Then you're on your own."

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