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                    IJMC - Back to the Craziness

Lakris, this one's for you and all your friends. I'll bet you're now the 
topic of conversation for a day or so. And thanks for your email, the 
timing couldn't have been better. Anyway, for the rest of you, the IJMC's 
back to it's regularly scheduled craziness. Ok, perhaps this post is a 
little more bizarre than usual, but it's not unprecidented. Granted, this 
is also the last IJMC that you'll receive for oh, about two weeks, until 
I return. So, I hope you enjoyed the deluge, for now it's drought. Have 
fun, stay young, drink Coke. G'night and fare thee well. I'll be back. I 
hope.                                                               -dave

i have a friend at Texas Tech who abuses himself mightily every finals
week.  you might remember the "roach" essay that Brian Welch
(angst@tamu.edu.NOSPAM) submitted to you last year; that was also this man's
work.  i hope you mail it out. horrible spelling, but it just adds to
the fun.

scott lee  (ixoye) 


it's 5:30 am.  unfortulately i am not waking up.  my paper is done
though. Analysis of Christ's 7 I am's in John and the openeing 3 i
am's at teh gates of heeel in teh inferno.  It's prettymuch crap.  but
i really dont' care.  yum.   i just are a cookie.  thanks zach,
they're really good. heh.  i have a littke furry duck with sunglasses
hanging off my lamp. lets make him and teh candle
dance.....ah....ooh....that smells bad. very bad really.  oh...he's
not very fuzzyanymore.   yeah...happyday.  my final in my lit class
starts in 90 minutes.  that would be funny if i had read all teh works
but even if i had, i'd have to have read all of them 5 times to pass
his final.  i'll pass it....just like i'd pass a stinkin' gall stone.
you know what?  i have this drugs and behavior class right?  well...i
needed a 95 to get an a in teh class.  so i go in and i get a 91.  but
that's teh hightst grade by two points.  dr. garos doesn't want to 
curve.  maybe i can make her dance with teh candle too.  if i get 
another 89 i think that i will find some way to use up those 9 wasted
points.  9...ah...a nine-iron....right to the face.  yes...that's
nice. my face hurts.  i dont' know why.  so do my kidney's.  thats'
not bad i don't think (psst...and i don't)  AHHHH!!!  HOly CRAAP!
good lord.  my alarm just went off.  oh, man.  that scared teh holy
CRAP out of me.  now i'm all itchy.  awwoooo.  i'm all jittery...but i
can still type, and why not...i typed 8 pages in 6 hrs ( 8 pages of
poop). i'm still itchy.  now my tummy hurts too.  i think that my body
is mad at me.  It's only been up for....ooh...just now 24 hrs!   yeah.
accoeding to my book i still have some 2-3 days before i start to
signs of mania and paranioa.  i want some coffee but i think tha my
tongue is swollen.  now i'm sad.  i burned by duck and my toungue
feels all puffy.  why is that.  mabye i should dance with the candle.
heh....no..i's hot.  very hot....hot enough to burn fluffy
duck...heh....hot enought to wake my roomie up.  [grin]  if i go to
sleep now i think that i'll have some sort of bladder problem later in
life....whwres my liver....i thik that's sore now too.....i'm going to
go to sleep now...and when i wake up i think i'll shoot my self with
my car

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