IJMC Einstein and His Guests

                    IJMC - Einstein and His Guests

Given my past history at various places...I have to send this out. Not 
many of you will even get it...so just read the next one for your joke. 
It won't be quite so specific.                                    -dave



Einstein is having a cocktail party and he approaches a guest and asks
"So just what is your IQ", the woman answers 265 and Einstein says
"great!  lets go talk about the origins and of the Universe and how
things came to be!"

Off they go and talk about all this.  Einstein comes back happy.  The
next person he meets has an IQ of 170 and Einstein says "Let us go talk
about the world economy!"   When Einstein returns he is very happy.

He meets another person and again asks "What is your IQ?"  The man
replies "82" to which Einstein says "How 'bout 'dem dawgs?"

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