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                 IJMC - Y2K, Meet Your Competition, W2K

I suspect someone, in a meeting with Bill Gates, brought up the Year 2000 
problem and Bill mistook the problem for a competitor. Since he can't buy 
the problem (much as we think he tried to buy the year 1995, but that's 
another story) he likely told his team to come up with a Microsoft 
"Solution" to the problem. He just couldn't let Microsoft be outdone buy 
a bigger, costlier bug. So, we, the poor unsuspecting public will choke 
down Windows 2000...maybe Linux will be ready for prime time by then. And 
maybe I'll win the lottery. <sigh>                                -daweed

Microsoft recently announced that the upcoming release 5.0 of Windows NT
will be renamed "Windows 2000," which will presumably be abbreviated Win2K
in the press. That got me to thinking about a comparison between Win2K and

Win2K - Represents large problem for computers, looming in the near future.
Y2K - Ditto.

Win2K - Projected to ship in mid 1999.
Y2K - Projected to start causing problems in mid 1999.

Win2K - Real effects won't be known until sometime in the year 2000.
Y2K - Ditto.

Win2K - Will cost corporations millions in support, upgrades, and time.
Y2K - Ditto.

Win2K - Will result in a need to upgrade most hardware.
Y2K - Ditto.

Win2K - Entire industry waiting for the product to slip...uh, ship.
Y2K - Entire country waiting for solutions to ship.

Win2K - Many characterize it as being an evil plot created by programmers.
Y2K - ditto.

Win2K - Probably could have been avoided if UNIX had a better U/I.
Y2K - Probably could have been avoided through foresight and planning.

Win2K - Likely to cause more bugs than it cures.
Y2K - Ditto.

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