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                  IJMC - Posttity, Posttity, Post!

I'm trying to think of something, but after my Calculus test I'm just not 
thinking too straight. Perhaps after a long relaxing weekend I'll have 
more to say. Which is convienent, since I'm going out of town for the 
weekend. Tomorrow night I'll send out two or three posts and then I'll 
send out a couple when I return. No big deluge, but a few to tide you 
over while I rest. Then, I'll come back and take on the world again, with 
more zest and enthusiasm!                                           -dave

  During World War II new American recruits were getting shipped over
seas.  Unfortunatly, they had one too few guns to go around, so one
soldier didn't get one.  The sergant said not to worry.  He handed the
soldier a broomstick and told him to point the broomstick and say "bangity
bangity bang!!". 

  The soldier was worried but figured the sergant knew what he was doing. 

  He was even more worried when the men got bayonets and he didn't get

  The sergant handed him a carrot and told him to say "stabbity stabbity
stab!!"  to stab someone. 

  It wasn't long before they met Germans and they had to shoot people. 

  The soldier without the gun pointed his broomstick and said "bangity
bangity bang!!", and to his amazment the German soldier fell down dead. 
Another German soldier had snuck up behind him so he took the carrot and
said "stabbity stabbity stab!!".  That soldier also fell down dead.  He
saw another German soldier.  He pointed his broomstick and said "bangity
bangity bang!!", but the soldier kept coming. 

  The German got closer so the American took his carrot and said "stabbity
stabbity stab!!", but he kept coming.  As the German trampled the American
soldier he could be heard saying "tankity tankity tank!!" 

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