IJMC "Rant Along With Michael Ivey"

                    IJMC - "Rant Along With Michael Ivey"

The International Junk Mail Clearinghouse is proud to present the newest 
IJMC hosted list..."Rant"...by none other than the IJMC founder and Linux 
guru extrodinare (hey, they guy figured out how to get paid to work with 
a free operating system...he must be a guru of something...). So, if the 
daily(ish?) IJMC isn't enough for you, sign up for Rant and get a taste 
of what Michael's all about...hell, I liked it so much, I not only the 
host provider, I'm also a member (where my Presidency, Michael?).   -dave

     The "Rant Along With Michael Ivey" Mailing List
        brought to you by the IJMC (www.ijmc.com)

Stupid people piss me off.  I have grown intolerant of
ignorance and cluelessness.  God, in His/Her infinite
wisdom, has given each and every human being a wonderful
gift known as a Mind, and yet so many individuals in our
society have spent their lives working to learn to be
stupid.  This is unacceptable.  There is no societal
benefit to stupidity.  

I want to change the world, and plan to do so.  And I
am starting with a new mailing list, the "Rant Along
With Michael Ivey" mailing list, or RANT for short.  I
would like to invite you to be a part.

Please send a message to 'majordomo@ijmc.com' with the
message body: 'subscribe rant' and you will be added to
the list.  I encourage you to do this as soon as you can.
Your life will be enriched.

/michael, working hard at elitism

Michael D. Ivey, RHCE, BOFH, PHBIT  |  "It isn't easy to be your  | 110
------------------------------------|   Intellectual Superior...  | 11011
       ivey@realminfo.com           |   elitisim is a hard job."  | 1001100
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