IJMC Bill Gates, Meet Windows 98

                  IJMC - Bill Gates, Meet Windows 98

Hmm, after having read this, I'm guessing that Bill's new $60 million 
dollar house isn't equipped with a beta version of Windows 98...dunno 
why, other than the fact he seems suprised by the events of the show. I 
wonder, if you got to Gate's personal system...does he run...BeOS? Linux? 
Perhaps...even...NeXTStep? I had been thinking of hitting my system with 
Windows 98 when it came out. Now I'll wait a while. I actually own a 
scanner...and I like it working.                                    -dave

    CHICAGO (AP) - The computer gremlins went after the big enchilada
today: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates.

    Gates, the featured speaker at the opening of the Comdex Spring
Computer Show, was demonstrating the new Windows 98 operating system set
to debut in June when the system crashed.

    "I guess we still have some bugs to work out," he noted ruefully.
"That must be why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet."

    The system collapsed when a Microsoft employee attempted to plug in
a scanner, with his boss standing alongside. Gates was forced to move to
another computer to complete his demonstration.

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