IJMC Poor Little Kitty

                   IJMC - Poor Little Kitty

You try to make something nice, and see what gets made of it. I dunno, I 
just feel sorry for the cat...and that's not something I do often. I'm 
more of a big dog person. <shrug> Poor kitty.                      -dave

A little boy woke up one Saturday morning, and went to the living room
to watch cartoons.  It was then that he realized that his life-long
companion, Mr. Purr-kins, wasn't getting up.  He gently poked and
prodded the cat, but the cat never got up.

Distressed, the child went to wake his father.  After examining the
beloved pet, the boy's father said "Son, I was afraid this might happen
one day."  The boy started to cry.

The father took a deep breath and said "Son... I'll tell you what we'll
do.  We'll go get that old wooden cigar box out of my study, and we'll
get some scraps of velvet from your mother's sewing cabinet.  Then we'll
go out to the woodshop, and we'll make a little cross out of the pine
boards, and spray it with gold paint.  We can use that to make a little
memorial for Mr. Purr-kins down behind your mother's azalea bushes."

Just then, the cat coughed twice, and slowly started to stir.  The boy
said "Daddy... can we kill it?" 

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