IJMC The Witch Doctor's Apples

                IJMC - The Witch Doctor's Apples

I'll warn you now...this one hurts...if you see it coming, can you stop 
yourself? Can you refrain from reading to the end...to the bitter, 
painful, horrific ending? I couldn't...                           -dave

   A witch doctor kept the members of his tribe in virtual subjugation by
means of powerful magic. Whenever one of the tribesmen tried to overthrow
him, he would be turned into an apple! 

   One night a group of tribesmen sneaked into his hut, opened his book of
magic, learned the apple spell, and turned the witch doctor into an apple!
But the book warned that if the apple ever dried out and changed
significantly in weight, it would turn back into the witch doctor, more
powerful than ever! So every day the tribesmen placed the apple on a scale
to make sure that its weight remained the same. 

   Moral: A weigh a day keeps the doctor an apple.

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