IJMC Why Gals Like Guys

                      IJMC - Why Gals Like Guys

QuakeWorld is still dangerous. Not as dangerous as an old girlfriend, but 
then, it may be too early in the relationship...at least there's nothing 
to wake up for early tomorrow...and I guess, truth be told, it's not that 
late...I mean, the sun isn't up yet.                                -dave

A Few Reasons Why Gals Like Guys ?  

   1.Because all guys have that spark that makes your blood boil 
   2.Because no matter what happens in our life, our guys are always
     there to pick us back up again with a kiss,a hug, or just a kind word. 
   3.Because, once in a while, they admit that you are right. 
   4.Because there's nothing better than a cute, handsome man. 
   5.Because the way he cancels all his plans so we can be together on
   6.Because they always know what to say to make us feel better 
   7.Because they are always warm even when it's minus 30 outside 
   8.Because they get so protective when they think you are or might get
   9.Because they know just what you want and need to hear. 
  10.Because they always know just what to say to make us feel better. 
  11.Because they make us feel safe when we're scared. 
  12.He always opens the doors for me and lets me go first no matter
     where we are at. 
  13.He writes the cutist love notes. 
  14.How cute they are, how they smile, fix their hair, how they look
     when they are nervous, how they find a reason to stand next to me, 
     and how they always know how to make me laugh. 
  15.How he always complements me how I look even though I have no
     makeup on or are wearing sweats. 
  16.How it feels so good to hold their hand, to look in their eyes, or
     to just lay beside them, and feel so comfortable. 
  17.How their butts look good in those nice fitted jeans. 
  18.How they can give me a compliment in the way I know that they mean
  19.I like guys when they can give me a look that makes me want to
  20.I like guys who are romantic but do have that sense of humour. 
  21.Just saying I love you means alot without you bringing up the
     subject first 
  22.Just the little things he says makes me love him even more. 
  23.My man completes me. 
  24.My guy makes everything right with just a touch or smile. I love
  25.No matter what we do, they seem to think it's wonderful! 
  26.Nothing more sweet than when a man saves and cherishes all those
     love words we have spoken or written to him ... and he repeats them to
  27.Sometimes they give in not just because they are coward but they
     wanted to make things better by not arguing. 
  28.The feel that their strong loving arms wrapped around you when
     you're sad or scared....gives you the feeling that it's the safest 
     place on Earth. 
  29.The shear manliness of them! Heaven! 
  30.The silence on the phone and to break it he says I love you. 
  31.The way he always smells good when I see him. 
  32.The way he breaths lightly in your ear, then whispers I love you. 
  33.The way he starts to sweat when he is going to meet your parents
     for the first time. 
  34.The way he says he wouldn't trade you for the world... not even for
     his car...
  35.The way he says..... I LOVE YOU 
  36.The way he says, "You're right." 
  37.The way he smiles. 
  38.The way he smiles when you walk in the door from work. 
  39.The way he tries to make me warm when it is a little chilly outside
     and i forgot my jacket. 
  40.The way that every time you know you are going to see him, you get
     butterflies in your stomach. 
  41.They way that they can play around with me without it being in a
     bad way. 
  42.The way that they feel when they see their new baby for the first
  43.The way that they look at you when you are dancing together. 
  44.The way that they love you for who you are and not who you pretend
     to be. 
  45.The way they always have time for you. 
  46.The way they don't mind being passionate around anyone with you
     (even their friends). 
  47.The way they enwrap you in their arms and it seems as though the
     world could end and you wouldn't know. 
  48.The way they get jealous when they see other guys are looking at
  49.The way they hold you so close when other guys are around. 
  50.The way they lightly run their fingers across you stomach or arms
     and it sends shivers throughout your body. 
  51.The way they look at you for no reason and say it's just because
     they can't take their eyes off you 
  52.The way they make you feel like a million dollars no matter what 
  53.The way they make you feel like you are The Only Girl In The World 
  54.The way they place their hand under your chin and lift it up
     slightly just so you can see their love for you in their eyes, to 
     reassure you they care. 
  55.The way they play harder just because you're watching. 
  56.The way they play with your hair. 
  57.The way they put their hand on your cheek and wipe away that tear
     with their thumb. 
  58.The way they run their fingers through your hair. 
  59.The way they stroke you for no reason and it feels so good. 
  60.The way they tell you it will be alright when you feel like
     everything is falling apart. 
  61.The way they will go see a movie they would never otherewise see
     just because they wanna make you happy. 
  62.The way that they take care of you. 
  63.The way that they tell you that they love for the first time and
     really mean it when they say it. 
  64.The way that they tell you they love you in the morning before they
     go to work, and at night before they go to sleep. 
  65.The way that they tell you that you look and smell nice. 
  66.The way that they tell you that your dinner was good. 
  67.The way that they will totally open up to you, no matter how
     un-macho it makes them seem. 
  68.The way that you love them for just being who they are. 
  69.The way that you know when you are in love with them and you don't
     even have to thank of a reason why you are you just know. 
  70.The way the smell of their cologne stays on your shirt after you
     hold them really close. 
  71.The way their eyes light up when they are excited about something. 
  72.The way their eyes sparkle when you are near them 
  73.The way they always look to you for your approval before or after
     they say something. 
  74.The way they are with the kids and how they make them feel special
  75.The way they bring you flowers for no reason. 
  76.The way they call you late at night just to say I love you and
     sweet dreams! 
  77.The way they HAVE to carry EVERYTHING, AND open the car door,
     AND the house door too. 
  78.The way they hold our hands in scary movies and haunted houses. 
  79.The way they hold our hands when we need them the most. 
  80.The way they hold you tight and say they are never going to let you
     go for the WORLD! 
  81.The way they'll say you look great in a picture when you KNOW you
  82.The way they look at you with those adoring eyes, and make you want to
  83.The way they look into your eyes and tell you that they love you. 
  84.The way they look into your eyes with love. 
  85.The way they keep you warm when it's cold...even if it means taking
     of their jacket and catching cold 
  86.The way they kiss and look in your eyes ... 
  87.The way they kisses you and caresses you makes you feel ........ 
  88.The way they make a great gift from a cheap tape full of love
  89.The way they make you laugh even if you don't want too. 
  90.The way they make you feel special. 
  91.The way they make you feel when you know they love you . 
  92.The way they make you not to be afraid when they are with you. 
  93.The way they show you how caring they are at times of havoc. 
  94.The way they smell 
  95.The way they smell, very manly. 
  96.The way they tease you how you look. 
  97.The way they tell you how much they miss you! (even if you just
     left each other) 
  98.The way they tell you, they love you first! 
  99.The way they touch us, for it will depend on individuals. 
 100.The way they treat women they love are very different from the way
     they treat others. 
 101.The way they try to act so tough when all they really want to do is
     melt in your arms. 
 102.The way they walk, talk and act. 
 103.The way they wisper onto our ears and say "I Love You" and "I Care
     About You" makes you want to melt. 
 104.The way they write you a long letter and write ...  love ... at the
 105.They always bring up the best times that were spent. 
 106.They always know how to fix the broke stuff around the house and
     yard (or hire the right people to do it for them). 
 107.They are so strong even when they don't want to be (like killing
 108.They are sweet gentlemen. 
 109.They know how to cherish a woman. 
 110.They know just when to send flowers or bring a gift. 
 111.They make the best fathers. 
 112.They make us laugh and smile. 
 113.They smell nice. 
 114.They smell so incredibly good and wear that special cologne just
     because they know you love it, and they aren't afraid to tell you 
     how they feel. 
 115.They speak tenderly in our ears. 
 116.They tell corny jokes and expect you to get them - so you laugh
     anyway 'cause it makes them smile. 
 117.Though he looked and felt like a man, often times he would still
     display the little boy inside. 
 118.When they hug you, they envelope you with their strongness. 
 119.When they love, they truly love with all their heart. 
 120.When they tell you you're beautiful, a little tiny part of you
     makes you think you are too ... it just makes me feel good to here a 
     guy tell me that. 
 121.When they want to spend time with you so much they don't care if
     your best friend is there (because he KNOWS you're inseperable!) 
 122.When you come home from work and dinner is made and the laundry is
     in the dryer.

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