IJMC Kids Always Say The Most Adorable Things

           IJMC - Kids Always Say The Most Adorable Things

Or maybe they don't. But, it can still be funny! I'd say this is a good 
example of trying to make kids grow up too fast...the results can be 
dangerous!                                                        -dave

The kindergarteners were now in the first grade. Their teacher wanted 
them to be more grown up since they were no longer in kindergarten. She 
told them to use grown up words instead of baby words. She then asked 
them to tell her what they did during the summer. 

The first little one said he went to see his Nana. The teacher said, 
"No, No, you went to see your grandmother. Use the grown up word." 

The next little one said she went for a trip on a choo-choo. The teacher 
again said, "No, No, you went on a trip on a train.  That's the grown up 

Then the teacher asked the third little one what he did during the 
summer. He proudly stated that he read a book. The teacher asked what 
book he had read. He puffed out his chest and in a very adult way 
replied, "Winnie the Shit!"

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