IJMC I Love Number One

                     IJMC - I Love Number One

For some reason, this post just feels VERY timely. I just finished my 
first day of my Tuesday-Thursday classes...but that's after surviving 
work...when I was on my way to work this morning, I actually thought 
about what might happen if I was caught snoring in my cubicle. I haven't 
deleted QuakeWorld off of my hard drive yet, but two nights of less than 
6 hours of sleep...oi, I'm a walking zombie. So, as I do all too often, 
"g'night everyone." (of course, most of you get this in the morning... 
but does it look like I care? <grin>)                              -dave


     1. It's okay...  I'm still billing the client.

     2. They told me at the blood bank this might happen.

     3. This is just a 15-minute power nap like they raved about in that
        time-management course you sent me to.

     4. I was working smarter-not harder.

     5. Whew!  I musta left the top off the liquid paper.

     6. I wasn't sleeping!  I was meditating on the mission statement
        and envisioning a new paradigm!

     7. This is one of the seven habits of highly effective people!

     8. I was testing the keyboard for drool-resistance.

     9. I'm actually doing a Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan
        (SLEEP) I learned at the last mandatory seminar you made us attend.

    10. This is in exchange for the six hours last night when I dreamed
        about work!

    11. I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise to relieve
        work-related stress.

    12. Damn!  Why did you interrupt me?  I had almost figured out a
        solution to our biggest problem.

    13. The coffee machine is broke...

    14. Wasn't sleeping.  Was trying to pick up contact lens without

    15. The mailman flipped out and pulled a gun so I was playing dead
        to avoid getting shot.

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