IJMC The Lawyer Can See It Coming

               IJMC - The Lawyer Can See It Coming

So...if you figure out the punchline to this joke before you get to the 
end...well, you must be suited to be a lawyer...so, watch out for dem big 
trucks. Dogs. Love. Trucks. Lawyers don't.                          -dave

A truck driver made a habit of running down lawyers
whenever he saw them walking down the road.  Whenever
he saw a lawyer, he'd swerve over and WHAM!  Then he'd
swerve back on the road and see the dead lawyer in his
rear view mirror.

One day he picked up a priest hitchhiking, and while they
were driving along, the truck driver saw a lawyer.  He
automatically swerved over to get the lawyer, but at the
last second, he remembered he had a priest in the truck, so
he swerved away and missed the lawyer.  But he heard a
WHAM!! and he could see the dead lawyer in the mirror.

He turned to the priest and said, "I'm sorry, Father, I thought
I missed him."

The priest said, "Yeah, you did, but I got him with the door."

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