IJMC Monty Python Anyone?

                        IJMC - Monty Python Anyone?

Just make sure you haven't eaten anytime close to when you read this... 
unless you have a taste for that pink stuff that comes in a can. Yet some 
of these seem to properly sum up the nature of Spam.                -dave

  A collection of SPAM Haiku


  Pink tender morsel,
  Glistening with salty gel.
  What the hell is it?


  Ears, snouts and innards,
  A homogeneous mass.
  Pass another slice.


  Cube of cold pinkness
  Yellow specks of porcine fat.
  Give me a spork please.


  Old man seeks doctor.
  "I eat SPAM daily", says he.


  Highly unnatural,
  The tortured shape of this "food":
  A small pink coffin.

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