IJMC Gift Wars

                         IJMC - Gift Wars

I subject this to you as it was subjected to me. With a groan. So with 
that in mind, read on if you dare. Just don't blame me for the payoff...

		Gift Wars

 Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader were having
 their light sabre fight. The sounds of their
 weapons crashing against each other filled
 the walkways of the Death Star.

 In the middle of their fight, the two warriors
 became locked in an embrace. Darth turned to
 Luke and whispered in his ear -- "I know what
 you're getting for Christmas ..."

 Luke was rather puzzled by this, but the fight
 soon resumed.

 Shortly, the two intrepid fighters became
 locked together again. Once again, Darth Vader
 whispered to Luke -- "I know what you're
 getting for Christmas ..."

 Luke found this very bemusing, but with the
 powers of the dark side to fend off, he had no
 time to ponder Vader's strange utterings.

 A few more minutes went by and the two became
 entangled again. Darth moved toward Luke as if
 to say something.

 "I know, I know...." Luke had finally had enough
  and said, "So you know what I'm getting for
  Christmas. How did you find out?"

 Darth Vader paused for a moment, and then, in
 his most menacing voice, said, "I have felt
 your presents..."

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