IJMC Watch Out, He's Got A Shotgun!

               IJMC - Watch Out, He's Got A Shotgun!

"Hey pa, I wuz jus readin on this here in-tir-net thing all this stuff and 
we're purty up to date." Ok, enough of that silly gander, on with the even 
sillier post for tonight.                                            -dave


HARD DRIVE: Trying to climb a steep, muddy hill with 3 flat tires pulling a
trailer load of fertilizer. 

KEY BOARD: A place to hang your keys

WINDOW:  A place in the truck to hang your guns

FLOPPY:  When you run out of Ploygrip

MODEM: How to get rid of your dandelions

ROM:  Delicious when mixed with Coca Cola

BYTE: First word in a kiss-off phrase

REBOOT: What you do when the first pair gets covered with barnyard stuff

NETWORK: Activity meant to provide bait for your trot line

MOUSE: Fuzzy, soft thing you stuff in you beer bottle in order to get a
free case

LAN: To borrow as, "Hey Dilbert, LAN Me your truck."

CURSOR: What some guys do when they are mad at their wife and /or

BIT:  A wager as in, " I bit you cain't spit that watermelon seed across
the porch long-ways."

DIGITAL CONTROL:  What your fingers do on the TV remote

PACKET:  What you do to a suitcase or Wal-Mart bag before a trip

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