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                         IJMC - A Joke For Us

Now, let it be well known that I hate roaches. Maybe not as much as this 
guy, but I don't like the little critters. Nosiree not one bit. So I feel 
for him while laughing so hard my gut hurt. I dunno, maybe I just know 
what he feels like being up that long at once for finals and whatnot. 
Maybe he'd laugh himself when he's awake. I'll just let you read on and 
hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did.                         -dave

greetings Meester Ambassador Dave..

a friend of mine is taking his college finals.. and is.. well.. 
hyped-up on Coffee and zero sleep and is in rare form with this 
flow-of-thought email to me and some of my friends.. i read it to several 
of my friends here at MY college who don't know this guy and they laughed 
hysterically.  it was recommended to me that i send it to you for your 
Judgement to pass it to tha List *(;=    i figgured > half of yer IJMC's 
are college kids, and may git a kick outta it.. if ya like it, postit *(;=

latahs man, an' keep tha JunkMail comin' |grin|

        _Brian_Welch_ (that XFiles-quote guy.)   *(;=

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  .---||   ||   |`---.|                  no fear    no need
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            `---' tha elusive shadow   too great..Godspeed.
                                                   ---)> Mortal

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heh.  oh wow!...guess what??
yes.  we had our appt "debugged" on monday.  you know what the 
exterminator's little card says??  It says that we should expect 
"...increased movement..." for the next few days/weeks/months because the 
poision does not kill the eggs...nor does it seek the ROACHES out like it 
should...no, no...oh no.  instead it makes them come out, writhing and 
squirming infected...bot NOT KILLED by the "poision".  I saw a roach lie 
for 11 days...11...writhing but never dying.  so i put it in the 
disposal.  So tonight...24 hrs after teh "treatment" i have counted over 
a dozen roaches on and around me.  oh...get this...the poision won't kill 
eggs..no...it waits for them to hatch _then_ creep out -=then=- it kills 
them...after they hav erun amuck in your house.  Shawn hasnot slept in 
out place for over a week now because he ate half a roach(well...when hr 
was 7 he bit into a slice of Momma's pizza and saw half a roach...hurled 
and has been scared aversince) so i stay here alone with the roaches.  
hmmmm...i wonder if I'll be awakned by another roach skittering across my 
belly tonight...ti would only be time number two.  damn roaches.  I think 
Satan made them.  yes...God said "satan...you can make one thing"...so he 
made roaches.  What kind of piosion makes the roaches come out in Hoardes 
to kill them.  the only friggin reason we even had them coem here at ALL 
was because there was bunches of roaches...now there are 
evenmore...."increaced movement" for a month...i leave in 2 weeks.  
DAMNIT!   oh...i'm tired...what tiem is it?? oh...nevermind...all the 
alarm clocks are in my room...three clocks and my TV are set cause i have 
an organic final at 7:30.   maybe i'll bring the roaches, you know...for 
protien.  mmmm...more coffee.  that's good.  hmmm..i hear a skitering on 
shawn's stereo...on with the lights...oh..heh..look a roach...~flush~ 
there we go.  yum...cup number 7.  alright.  so tired.  eh...sleep is for 
teh meek and those that study as they go, smame thing.  nobody seems to 
know how blued steel is made either, and if they do no one knows why it 
works.  i kill the roaches with my fireplace shovel.  it goes "pang!" and 
ti makes me laugh.  i caught a realy big one with the edge and it flipped 
him up in the air, twisting, pieroetting ina gutty glory...really neat, 
gooey.  i'm going to go try to study again....but i know that it's a 
fruitless effort...my mind is pudding...roach pudding....but it's the 
last night of my sophomore year....why not make it a really long one, 
hey....what time does the sun rise anyway???...hmmmm..maybe i'll let the 
roaches take the test for me...i'll let them eat soem of my Marshmallow 
Matyes (like lucky charms but with a parrot)....yes...thats' a good 
plan....onwards and upwards my good friends...onwards and 
upwards....night fellas.


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