IJMC "Forrest Gump, You're Under Arrest For Conspiracy"

      IJMC - "Forrest Gump, You're Under Arrest For Conspiracy"

Wouldn't that be a bizzare line to hear Fox Mulder say? Well, given the 
problems with broadcasting the X-Files the past couple of episodes, it 
could be closer to reality than one would like to think. Or not. Well, 
anyway, I've got to go write an autobiographical psychology paper so I'm 
going to leave you with your IJMC and a good cup of coffee. Wait, I need 
that coffee!                                                       -dave

              FOX's `THE X-FILES' AND ABC's `FORREST GUMP'
                   GOT ALL MESSED UP SUNDAY NIGHT...

#10) Scully accidently shoots Mulder in the "Buh-Tocks".
 #9) Mulder tries to comfort Scully with "To Everything there is a Purpose,
     Turn, Turn, Turn..."
 #8) Army PFC F. Gump meets Marine Corps PFC W. Skinner---who's
 #7) "Truth Happens"
 #6) Looking for the White House Men's room, Forrest walks in on the CIA
     meeting to kill JFK.
 #5) "My Name is Fox Mulder. People Call Me Fox Mulder."
 #4) "Just Call me Gump. Ah didn't even let mah Mamma call me Forrest..."
 #3) Violence erupts when Smoking Man sits down on that park bench next to
     Forrest Gump & his Box of Chocolates.
 #2) Mulder goes head to head against the Chinese Army Bowling Champ.

And the #1 Warning Sign the Broadcast Signals from The X-Files and Forrest
Gump got Messed up...

"Spooky is as Spooky Does."

[This text file was originally the Top 20 reasons, edited down to 10 by 
 the IJMC. The following remains attached for unknown reasons.    -dave]

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